Summing Up One Month On In A Single Post

Updating comes to almost a standstill this month. This month is particularly busy although I took a week off from work. What an irony.

Let’s talk about the vacation first. I brought my daughter on a cruise for her first vacation. Cruise was chosen because we were not sure how she would react to taking a plane. Cruise was more predictable. It was a short one, 3D2N sailing from Singapore with a half day at Pulau Redang and sailed back. Overall experience was ok, except for the huge amount of tourists from India. Big cultural differences so there were some part where we were not comfortable with. But we were largely amused, rather than offended with their antics. Well, the beach at Pulau Redang made up for it.

Beach At Pulau Redang

Back at work, there were a lot to settle. I’m concurrently working on a few things, namely Rancid, Cacti and OpenLDAP. I skip among them when I get tired of one 😛

The work on Rancid is mainly to write a new script for Rancid to talk to the Huawei GPON equipment. Still running through the Rancid scripts to grasp the flow of events.

The same on Cacti, also working on Huawei GPON again. Huawei uses 64 integers for the ifIndex value for SNMP queries. According to RFC 1217, ifIndex should be a 32 bit integer. Cacti or rather Net-SNMP doesn’t like that, so graphs don’t appear in Cacti. I’m still exploring the options, but the most likely solution is to write a data query script and feed the information to Cacti.

On OpenLDAP. I was happily using 389 Directory Server i.e. the open source version of the Red Hat Directory Server, until Red Hat announced that they are not selling Red Hat DS to ASEAN region. For whatever reason, I’m not interested. The intention was to use 389 DS to prepare for a transition to Red Hat DS in the future. Since Red Hat is not selling the DS product, out goes 389 DS. Now working on OpenLDAP, trying to get used to the new configuration structure where everything is stored in the directory itself rather than configurations files. 

This time round, I’m considering to share my work on GIT, i.e. the Huawei code for Rancid etc. See how it goes. Will update again soon!


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4 Replies to “Summing Up One Month On In A Single Post”

    1. Hi Piter, the Huawei SNMP is quite messed up and they are not very forthcoming with their MIBS.
      Up till now, I can only get the traffic statistics. The other statistics, particularly on the GPON portion requires significant amount of manipulation because they didn’t follow proper RFC standard. I’m putting things on hold for the time being.

      You are using Huawei in your network as well?

  1. Hello,

    Any success with Rancid and huawei.
    We have Huawei MA5603 and i search to implement it on our Rancid.

    Thanks for advice.


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