Noo Cheng Prawn Noodle @ Zion Road

I don’t run a food blog here like everyone else, but I can’t help writing about this.

Noo Cheng @ Zion Road Food Centre is my favorite prawn noodle fix. It’s so good, I can drive 20mins from Tampines to Zion Road for satisfy my craving. My wife loves it too. The soup is fantastic! There was once I patronized the stall near closing and managed to catch a glimpse at the stuff that goes into the soup. There’s lots of anchovies, small prawns, garlic etc. I’m sure there’s more that goes in, therefore giving the soup such a supple flavor.

I was with a colleague at Zion Road for lunch. This colleague kept telling me about the other famous prawn noodles. I told him to try this and compare. After the meal, he was totally bought over. He said the only regret is ordering $8 and not $12. 😛

The picture does not do justice to the taste of the food, but however nice the picture, you need to try the noodle to understand why we like it so much.


Noo Cheng Prawn Noodles at Zion Road FC

P/S* There’s another Noo Cheng at Adam Road. They are related but the quality is miles apart. 🙂

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