RHCSA and RHCE Training Assessment

I have been running Linux system for more than 10 years. While I started off with Red Hat 5 initially, I moved other distros like Slackware, and later mainly on Debian in my work environment. It’s until 3 years ago that I started to work on Red Hat again, and now I’m considering taking the certifications for Red Hat since I’m working with it day in day out.

Red Hat has this training assessment thing to determine what sort of training one should take. I took the assessment, out of curiosity and to assess my skills on Red Hat.


It’s a pretty comprehensive assessment. More detailed than I had expected. I was imagining that it would be a simple 30 question assessment. I ended up doing about 70 questions.

This is the result.

Red Hat Assessment


Red Hat Assessment Result

Well, looks like there are some areas that I’m still pretty weak in. In fact I already identified the areas I need to work on as I did the assessment. Just need to find time to hit the books and I’m pretty sure I can get my RHCE.

Hire me? Anyone?

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