New Toy! – Canon PowerShot S100

A New Toy! Again!?

Powershot s100 b5

Yes, this new toy heading is getting more frequent. :P

I have been planning to get this Canon PowerShot S100 since it’s launched. The camera that I have been using is a Canon PowerShot A640. This camera has served me well. With it’s 10 megapixel resolution, the pictures are crisp and clear. The downside is the performance when taking fast moving objects i.e. my daughter, and in low light.

After watching the introduction videos from Canon on the S100, I decided that this is the new camera to get. And coupled with the reviews from the S90 and S95 users, this seems to be the best choice for my budget.

I don’t think I have talk too much about the specifications of the camera here. All the information can be found all over the Internet.

Here one of the links – http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canons100. I will just get down to my experience.

Hands On!

Here’s a sample of a macro shot I took.

S100 Macro Shot

This picture is taken with auto mode. The auto focus and intelligent tracking is fabulous.

Macro Shot with S100

Here’s another shot taken in my car. It was evening time, sun was setting. The environment was starting to get dark. Again the picture was taken with automatic mode. I particularly like the depth. My friend told me it’s because of the large aperture size of the S100, so the macro shots can have very nice depth.

DSLR vs S100

Some friends were suggesting that I get a DSLR when I was considering getting a new camera.

There are a few reasons why a DSLR is out for me.

1. The budget. I’m not prepared to spend so much money on a DSLR. A decent one set me back by at least $1000 SGD easily.

2. I’m not a professional. And I don’t intend to be one. Frankly speaking, I’m too lazy to learn the technique for photography. And it will defeat the purpose if I have a DSLR on automatic all the time. And I notice alot of ‘photographers’ doing that.

3. I want a lightweight camera. I can’t image lugging the DSLR with me wherever I go. The S100 on the other hand is pocket size.

Experience On The 2nd Day

My experience so far with the S100.

1. It’s very handy. Slips right into my pocket.

2. On first use, I was not used to it. It was ‘too small’. Perhaps because I’m used to the Canon S640 which is designed for easy grip.

3. I need to get a faster SD card for the S100 because the writing to my old Class 4 SD is really very slow. The camera is capable of taking shots with very short interval in between, but so far I can’t do that because of the slow SD card.

The experience is good so far, although it’s just the 2nd day of use. Like a friend says, this camera comes with technique bundled. I don’t have to be a pro but yet able to take nice pictures, at amateur standard of course.


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