New Toy : In-Car DVR

A quick preview of what my new toy can do.

The idea of putting in a DVR in the car is to capture important events especially accidents. The video serves as important evidence to see which party is at fault.

This DVR can record at 720p at intervals of 2/5/10mins. All the recordings goes into a SDHC card. A 8GB card can take about 1 hour of recording which is sufficient for a day’s drive in Singapore.

I’m contemplating putting in a 32G so that it can store about 4 hours.

The advantage about this DVR is that there are no gaps in between the recordings. As compared to some DVRs, the typical loss is about 4-6 seconds. These couple of seconds could be crucial in the event that an accident really happens. Important details might not be captured.

This is a video from the DVR. The date and time is wrong because I reseted the DVR to factory default before driving off. The actual date and time is Feb 23rd about 830am. The original video quality is 720p. Best view in full screen. :)

If you are thinking of getting a DVR, look out for the following:

1. Wide Angle.

A wider angle gives you a better view of the events on both sides of your car. For example if someone cuts in and causes an accident, a wider view could provide more substantial evidence.

2. No Loss Of Footage

Like I mention earlier on, typical DVRs loses about 4-6 seconds in between clips. The missing footage could be key evidence. This DVR has no loss at all.



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