New TweetDeck, New Gmail

I woke up this morning to discover that TweetDeck has changed. Slightly different interface, and now we need a TweetDeck account. Not something that I like very much. Why not allow us to sign in with our Twitter account. It’s one less account littered on the Internet. But nonetheless, I created an account. TweetDeck has integration Facebook and Twitter on one screen and it’s very convenient. I *HOPE* they will consider Google+ integration as well. Then they will be the ultimate killer, in my humble opinion.

Login Screen For TweetDect

Fired up TweetDeck in my Chrome, and saw a Tweet from @davegirouard talking about new features in Gmail. There’s now better integration with Google+ which allows filtering based on Circles.

Gmail, filtering by Circles

We can now add people to our circles from Gmail. I think this will tremendously help to boost the sign up for Google+ now with everything on one screen.

Adding contacts to Google+

On a side note. The Google+ interface is still a bit unnatural somehow. It’s not as fluid as Facebook as I feel personally. Hopefully Google+ can take off in a much bigger scale. I like the circle concept much more than the Facebook lists.

Oh, 1 more upcoming. Facebook Timeline. Watch out for this. Very interesting.



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