Foscam Bandwidth Guzzler

zoneminder-logoAs I have posted previously, I have a DIY home surveillance setup using ZoneMinder and my Foscam fi8904w. The images are pulled over internet by my ZoneMinder server.

Initially, I thought I could do 15 frames per second with my new M1 Fibre Broadband connection, but because of some issues with routing, I need to settle for about 5 frames per second. That takes up about 2Mbps of my upstream bandwidth.

Recently, there’s some improvement to the routing. The latency improved from close to 300ms to about 40ms, so I can now do 15 frames per second. The image is now less laggy, but upstream bandwidth is 5Mbps! My upstream is 25Mbps, so I’m still coping well. In the long run however, I need to find another camera that does H.264. That should cut the upstream bandwidth by 50% at least. 🙂

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