Raspberry Pi – My ToDo List


I came across the Raspberry Pi by chance some time last week and it has already gotten me immensely interested. Here are some things that I think I would want to build

Megapixel IP Camera

The megapixel camera out there are tooooooooo expensive for home use. I’m going to try to get a minimum 1 megapixel camera module and DIY an IP camera for home surveillance. Going to experiment with OpenCV for object tracking and stuff, e.g. where my daughter hides my iPhone.

Home Automation

Raspberry Pi is going to be a very low powered but nimble platform a X10 controller. The lowest powered PC I could find is still too expensive keep powered on all the time.

Weather Monitoring

Have been wondering if I could build something with humidity sensor and photosensors. Then I can write some scripts and build some simple mechanisms to open and close the house windows. Could cool the house considerably by the time I get home. I was contemplating doing this with Arduino, but it’s another learning curve.

These are the ones that I can think of currently and I think I could do this with maybe just 1 Raspberry Pi? :)

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