Internet Recovery For Lion On 2007 Macbook

My Old Macbook

My 2007 Macbook has been sitting idling since I got my new Macbook Pro in September. The old Macbook has a 500GB hard disk and tons of junk inside, so I have been waiting for reinstall OS X from scratch.

Apple has this Internet Recovery feature now with Lion, where we can install Lion from scratch without the use of a DVD like the older OS X versions. Since the intention is to clean up the hard disk in my Macbook, I decided to have a go at Internet Recovery.

The Recovery

To start the recovery, press Command+R and boot up the system. The system will come to a screen with a few options to choose from.

Recovery Options

My hard disk contains at existing OS, so I have to go to “Disk Utility” to erase the target partition. If it’s a new disk, just go direct to “Reinstall OS X Lion”.

The recovery procedure will connect to Apple and verify the validity of the machine. Apple ID is required, so I think the procedure validates if a purchase been made from the App Store. So, for those who did not get a copy of Lion from the App Store, I suspect the recovery will fail or you might be prompted to purchase Lion on the spot from the App Store. By the way, the recovery can be done over WiFi.

The recovery downloads the packages from the internet, so the internet connectivity is important. I’m subscribed to the the M1 Fibre Broadband at home, so I’m downloading at about 35Mbit/s.┬áThe package is 3.79Gb, so the download takes about 30mins.

Reinstalling Lion

Installer Log

Once the download is complete, my Macbook reboots and starts installing the OS. This takes another 20mins or so.

The Result

After 1 hour, I have a spanking clean OS X Lion on my 2007 Macbook. Thumbs up for Apple!

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