Buying Foscam IP Cameras In Singapore

There are now more and more people getting IP cameras for their home use in Singapore. One of the most common use is for home monitoring. For this purpose, a lot of people are getting the Foscam Fi8918W from what I observed in the forums.

There are couple of ways you can get your Foscam cameras. I personally ordered mine from an online seller. The website that go to is http://www.ali2.com. I have ordered a couple of times from them and so far the experience has been alright. One thing I would suggest is to get your friends to pool orders because they will deliver the goods via DHL is there are more than 3 items. Delivery via normal registered mail or parcel will take as long as month and the possibility of lost mail is higher.

ali2 screenshot

There are 2 reasons why I choose to get the cameras online. Firstly, they are cheaper than the one’s sold locally. The markup can be up to 100% sometimes. Secondly, there are more models to choose from.

I hope this is helpful. Happy shopping.

Author: yibi

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