Macbook Pro 加强!加强!加强!

Thanks to SingNet for the Macbook + Broadband bundles, I managed to bag a 2011 Macbook Pro at $1400 SGD. This is $248 off the list price on Apple Store. i got Macbook Pro from the folks who are selling the sets to offset their monthly broadband package. There are a lot of such offers on the Hardwarezone Singapore Forums.

This Macbook Pro comes with only 4GB of RAM. Given the obsession to keep wanting to have more, I top up the RAM to 8GB. The 2 x 4GB Strontium DDR3 1333Mhz SoDimm cost $74 bucks ($37 bucks each). This is a damn good deal considering that my colleagues got the same 2 pieces of RAM at $138 about 2 months back :)

Strontium 4GB SODIMM

Another colleague was with me to get the 1066Mhz for the older revision of the Macbook Pro, but there was no stock. He’s now trying out my 2 pieces of 2GB DRR3 1333Mhz. If it works, he will get the 4GB equivalent. Technically it should work, but there are a lot of people commenting in forums that Mac machines are particular about these minor details so we won’t know until he has tested. I will post an update on the outcome.

And as always, when you are buying an Apple product, it doesn’t just end there. There are (expensive) peripherals and accessories to buy. I always thought Mac accessories are overpriced. Getting them locally could easily set me back by another $200 at least. So, the natural option is to get from 淘宝 (http://www.taobao.com).

The final thing to get for the Macbook Pro is the AppleCare Protection Plan. Given my prior pleasant experiences with Apple, I’m willing to fork out extra for the additional 2 years of warranty for a peace of mind for the next years.

As for my old Macbook, it’s now semi-retired, working as a desktop. :)

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