M1 Fibre Broadband Update

I have been on M1’s fibre broadband for a month already. The plan that I have is 50Mbps down and 25Mbps up. This is the speediest result that I got. I’m doing this from my Macbook Pro over wireless network and my router is a TP-Link TLWR-1043ND Wireless-N Router running OpenWrt. Pretty decent speed I got here.

M1 fibre broadband speed

I’m not sure why there are people complaining about M1’s fibre broadband, but so far it’s pretty good for me. (Touch wood). Downloads from Filesonic and Mediafire can hit approximately 25Mbps. I’m not sure if M1’s throttling or the file sharing sites are limiting downloading speed. But either way, I’m not complaining. I’m already a very happy man with 25Mbps.

One of the things I start to enjoy very much after jumping from ADSL, is the streaming performance. I have an iPad which my wife and I watch movies and stuff. The networks that I use is PPS and LeTV. The streaming is great for these 2 networks. China bandwidth is notoriously bad. Watching anything over my previous SingNet ADSL was a huge pain. It’s obvious that the bandwidth to China is severely limited. So far, the experience on M1 is very good. My theory is that their China bandwidth has not been exhausted yet. When their subscriber base eventually picks up, they could be as bad as the other players in term of China bandwidth.

My home surveillance is now perfect, thanks to the big uplink. I’m streaming my image out from my IP Cam at 15fps, which takes up about 3Mbps of bandwidth. Neither ADSL or Cable could offer that kind of uplink speed.

M1 comex 2011 promotion

M1’s having a promotion for 100Mbps at $39 bucks this coming Comex. I think it’s a no brainer. The other 2 players, namely SingTel and Starhub’s pricing are very high. The only value add is bundling with their mobile and TV services. So if you do not need cable for example (Hint: PPS/LeTV. I have a jailbroken Apple TV too!), the bundling doesn’t work anymore, so M1 becomes the most value for money plan. :)

Oh by the way, I don’t work for M1. In fact I work for the other camp, so this is neutral techie point of view. :)

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10 Replies to “M1 Fibre Broadband Update”

  1. Hi, do you have problems accessing Megaupload using fibre broadband? I have not been able to access the MU website since I switched to Starhub’s fibre broadband.
    Would you by any chance know what could be the problem? Thanks.

  2. Their shop customer service is awesome but the phone service suck! Big time in terms of providing information. U can call 4 of the different one and all 4 will not GIVE full information.

    Anw u have to recontract or get a new line to enjoy the 39 for nw.
    Don’t waste time with the phone operator.

    One thing I realise is , if they think they serve u well , they will send u a message to ask u to rate.
    If u are there to complain they won’t send u the rating. Anyway they act as if we are at fault ~.~

    But overall M1 still leave a good impression on both speed and shop support just the phone EWWWWWE!!!!!!

  3. Hi Yibi, how is your connection now 9 months since you subscribed to M1 fibre?

    Thanks in advance.

    Have a nice day.

    1. So far so good. Happy with it. I’m starting to see contention, but it’s still acceptable. I’m still able to hit 30Mbps or so during weekend. Routing has improve alot over the last few months. Sources told me that M1 has ramped up their international bandwidth considerably. :)

  4. Hi yibi, i just get m1 fibre connected with same tplink model. But was told that i can connect wirelessly to one device unless get a dedicated router. Do you face the same problem? How do u setup to be able to connect to more than one device wirelessly? Thnks.

    1. Hi Angel,

      I have 3 iPhones, 1 iPad and 2 Macs. All connected wirelessly. :)
      Just setup your WPA or WEP key on your router. Then configure the rest of the devices. That’s it. Not sure how you got the impression that only 1 device can be connected.

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