CloudFlare After 2 Weeks

Just to update my last post on CloudFlare. This blog is behind CloudFlare’s services for 2 weeks. There’s a still a significant amount of threats. That goes to show how many of those bots etc are out there trolling our websites to send spam.

Cloudflare threat dashboard

On the page loading speed portion, I don’t really see a significant difference, but that’s probably because of my geographic location. I’m right here in Singapore, but CloudFlare’s servers are in US. Perhaps the visitors from US would be experiencing faster page loading time.

Well. so far so good, no complains. Next up: I will be trying the apps that works with ClouldFlare. Will update again as soon as I discover anything interesting.

Author: yibi

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2 Replies to “CloudFlare After 2 Weeks”

    1. Hi Damon,

      Thanks for the information. I did traceroute to both the IP addresses that my hostname is resolving to and they are all routed to US.
      So I should be routed to SG, JP or HK since you folks are running anycast and having presence in all the countries. It’s probably the lousy peering of my provider that’s skewing the results then. :)

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