The Apple Customer Service Experience

I’ll just like to share my 2 recent experiences with Apple’s Service Centre and why they have convinced me to continue using Apple products.

Like many people, I own a couple of Apple devices, from my first Macbook, to my iPhone and iPad. In general, the products have not given me much problems. In August last year, my Magsafe adapter decided to quit on me, after about 2 plus years of very rigorous usage. I bought another adapter from the Apple Store which unfortunately broke down after a couple of months. There’s this Authorized Service Centre near my office so I popped by and checked if they could repair the adapter.

At the Service Centre, the staff went through the usual procedure to check etc. I was expecting them to take in my adapter for repair then. The folks there checked the serial number from the adapter (yes the adapter has a serial ) and managed to verify from their system that the adapter was less than a year old. So, what did they do? They gave me a brand new adapter on the spot. No questions asked. I was impressed.

Just yesterday, I went back to the same service centre to send in my iPad. The iPad screen was not sensitive at times and it would hang intermittently. I was trying hard to replicate the problem before going up to the service centre, but it just wouldn’t hang when I wanted it to do so so badly. The staff again, went through the usual checks for cosmetic damages and took in the iPad. They explained to me that they did not keep spares there and they had to send the iPad to the HQ at Ang Mo Kio for diagnostic. They also told me to expect 3-5 days for troubleshooting and processing.

This afternoon, I got an SMS from Apple. My iPad was ready for collection. Impressive right? 24 hours and they got everything sorted out. No haggling with me on repairs, no holding on to my iPad for weeks. They simply replaced my set. It’s clearly a refurbished set, but there’s no cosmetic damages. From what I understand refurbished units get new batteries.

Frankly speaking, after years of buying gadgets, I have yet to come across such painless experiences with Service Centres. I’m sure many will agree with me. Next Apple product, Macbook Pro. 🙂

The Service Centre I went to is:


138 Joo Seng Road

#04-03 Trivec House

Singapore 368361

Tel: +65 6295 3998

Fax: +65 6487 3179

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