CloudFlare – 1st 24 Hours

I finally found some time to look at the CloudFlare account dashboard in detail.There are a number of different statistics like the page views, bandwidth saved etc. The interesting portion is the threats statistics. It shows that my blog has encountered 9 unique threats.


I zoomed in further to the threat dashboard and it gives a breakdown on the threats, sorted by region.

CloudFlare - Threat Dashboard.png

If you move your mouse over the item that says ‘Challenged‘, there will be a pop-up that says that the visitors are presented with a Captcha and they have not passed the Captcha. This indicates that they are most likely to be spam-bots. And how does CloudFlare determine that the visitors are bots? I guess one of the sources of information could be from Project Honey Pot. It could also be heuristics based on analysis of the traffic that are fronted by them.

The job of threat detection and prevention has always been expensive and dominated by the big players like Checkpoint, Symantec etc. The CloudFlare offering liberates the once expensive features to the general consumers and sets a new bar for network security. I’m interested to see how CloudFlare and similar services will grow in the next few years.


Author: yibi

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