Google+ For Google Apps – Are We Even Getting It?

After my last episode with transition to the new Google infrastructure, I have been considering whether I should stay on Google Apps. Another one of my blog is on Google, my mails with my own domain is also with Google and I’m paying for extra storage on my mail and Picassa. Tons of my photos are with Google.¬†Google created the stickiness which I’m ready to accept, given the brillant track record they have for their services.

Now, Google+ is launched. My friends told me that their Picassa photos appear automatically on G+, they are porting their profiles over from Facebook, and they are asking me for my G+ account. And all of them are surprise that I don’t have it, given that I have been preaching to everyone the amazing benefits of using Google Apps.

I have been reading forums and it’s not surprising to find that there are tons of people like me, stuck! The common sentiment is, ‘it’s ok, we trust Google will do something about this, but WHEN?!’. Google has been silent about this. There’s no indication at all on the prospect of Google Apps users getting Google+ (and getting my Blogger account back).

The only sure way I can get it now, is to actually to move my domain out of Google, cancel my Apps account and register a personal account with my yibi.org email address. The next best and natural choice is Apple’s iCloud, but maybe just hosting my mails back at my own server.

Well, let’s see if Google can fix this fast. Otherwise, I’m going to get started on moving.

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