M1 50Mbps Fibre Broadband On The Way

Okay, I have finally signed up for M1’s fibre broadband. The activation is in a month’s time, and when it’s installed, I can say bye-bye to my SingTel landline and ADSL. The subscription for my 6Mbps ADSL is about 30 bucks, which is what I will be paying to M1 for 50Mbps. It’s a no-brainer. The offering from the other telcos are nowhere close in value. The cheapest plan from SingTel and StarHub are about 60 bucks. Can’t beat the value.

The main attraction for me to sign up for fibre broadband, is the upstream  bandwidth. I’m running IP surveillance cameras at home, which requires about 1Mbps of upstream bandwidth if I want to stream the video out at 15 frames per second. Right now over ADSL, I’m doing 5fps, and it’s completely choke my upstream bandwidth.

And with the extra bandwidth, there will be more options too. One of the things I’m definitely going to do is to get a huge harddisk and start backing up the stuff that I have deposited online over the years, ie mails from Gmail, pictures at Picasa.

Shall be updating more details when the line arrives.


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