Google Apps Boo-Boo

For once, I’m so upset with Google Apps. I have been using Google Apps for my own domain since 2009. I love the mail app, the calendar, etc etc. And over the years I have converted alot of my friends to Google Apps from their webhosting. You can’t beat it, it’s free!

Lately, Google started consolidating all their services. Legacy apps like Picasa, Analytics etc are merged into Google Apps, so that there’s a single point of control and ownership. As an avid supporter, I opted for the transition immediately.

Everything was ok initially, until I tried editing my baby girl’s blog that’s hosted on Blogger. I couldn’t get myself authenticated with the Google Apps account. I went on to read up on the conflicting account resolution stuff and did all the steps that were stated. Nothing works. My Google Apps account had no access to Blogger for whatever reason. There’s no way I could enable this service from the domain administration page at Google Apps. I get ‘Service Not Available’ when I try to login to Blogger with my Google Apps account and I kept getting referred back to enable the service in my control panel. And obviously the option is not even there!

Fortunate thing is that I could still login with another account out of Google Apps to administer the blog. It would be really unimaginable I lost data or ownership to other services like Picasa.

I submitted my domain to Blogger in one of the help threads in the forums. Hopefully Blogger can get this resolved as soon as possible.



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