New Toy Again! – Apple TV 2

Got myself another new gadget, ie. the Apple TV 2. Friends asked me what I wanted the Apple TV for. By right, we can’t buy US contents in Singapore. There’s no harddisk built-in and we can’t plug external harddisks in. Looks useless. Well, not true.

First of all, I can do Airplay, ie. playing my contents like photos, videos and music directly from my other Apple devices to the TV. No plugging in of messy cables.

And of course, I wouldn’t leave my Apple TV alone as it is. Jailbreak!! That opens multiple possibilities. I can play contents from my NAS, I can watch other online contents, especially those from China, eg. YouKu, TuDou etc. This is a quick view of the end result.

I will update more on the setup when I have more time.

Author: yibi

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