SingNet – Subtly Discouraging You From Terminating Their Service

This is nothing technical, just some thoughts and rants.

My contract for ADSL is ending soon, in June and I have decided not to continue the service because I have cheaper alternatives. I hate calling call centres and end up waiting for some operator to pick up the phone, so I headed for SingNet’s website to search for online means to terminate my account. And lucky me I thought, SingNet has an online form to terminate their service. Well, spoke too soon. The hyperlink at http://www.singnet.com.sg/customer/termination_broadband_login.html returned 404, page not found. I thought this must be a plot to subtly discourage me from termination.

I was persistent. Sent in a feedback form on the SingTel website indicating my intention to termination and informing them that the link to terminate isn’t working. As usual, the automated reply says they will get back to me etc etc etc. Minutes later, I received a seemingly innocent mailer for an offer to re-contract. Coincidence? No way! It looks like it’s system generated but I suspect it was triggered by a living person. Again another attempt to stop me from termination.

I might be having too wild an imagination, but I thought it makes sense. It’s 6 days (4th working day since I sent the feedback on Friday) since I sent the feedback, so I’m just sent another chaser. Let’s see how long they are going to ignore me. 🙂

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