Bluetooth Support In Ubuntu Is Weak…..

I just got myself a bluetooth keyboard to get rid of all the wires running on my desk. First thing I tried was to pair it with my notebook running Ubuntu 10.10. Pairing was ok. And that’s about it?! It was painful trying to get the keyboard properly connected. There’s no indication in dmesg that a keyboard is found, and after a few tries restarting bluetooth, restarting the keyboard, dmesg showed HID device detected, ie the keyboard, but it still doesn’t work.

At first I thought it could be the keyboard itself. Afterall, I got it from http://ww.taobao.com. So, I decided to pair it with my iPhone. Seamless. Paired, got it working right away. Switched off the keyboard, turned it on again and iPhone connected the keyboard automatically. My Macbook was the ultimate. Even in sleep mode, it was holding on to the connection to the keyboard. and I could wake the Macbook from sleep mode with this keyboard. The experience was perfect!

So, what’s wrong with Ubuntu? I know, with some troubleshooting and tinkering, I can definitely get it to work eventually, but it’s so much more troublesome compared to Mac. The Ubuntu desktop experience has improved and surpassed other Linux distros, but it’s still way way way behind Mac.

Enough of rants, I still need to try to get the keyboard to work. Shall update the blog once I solve the problem.

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