My H1N1 Encounter

My wife and I developed flu symptoms early this week. Because she’s from the healthcare sector, it’s mandatory for her to take the H1N1 swab test. After that she given MC to wait at home for the results. As for me, I was given a day of MC by my doctor. I took an additional day of leave in case her results were positive. I didn’t want to go back to office and spread the virus to more people.

Results were out 24 hours after taking the test. Unfortunately the result is positive. I immediately accompanied her back to the A&E for follow up and see the doctor take the test for myself.

This is where the idiotic thing occurred. I identified myself as having direct contact with a H1N1 patient ie. my wife. After running through a series of questions and some basic check, I was told that they will not conduct the test for me because my symptoms did not fit the criteria. I reasoned with the doctor that although I don’t have the full blown symptoms, my risk was significantly higher. We got the flu at the same time so it not likely that she has H1N1 and me having a common flu. He agreed with me but said it was protocol that stipulated that the test would not be conducted. According to him, it some MOH guideline. He then suggested I do the test at a polyclinic or a GP. My case was treated as normal flu. Upon my request he gave me MC until the end of the week so that I don’t go around spreading the either flu or H1N1 virus in office.

In my opinion, it’s baffling. The hospital does not have a conclusive diagnosis that it’s not H1N1 but they can’t perform the test due to protocol. So assuming I’m carrying the virus, I would need to travel to another location, in the process possibly spreading the virus. All because of rigid protocol that doesn’t make sense. I’m not blaming the doctor. He’s just doing his job.

Anyway I’m calling my own doctor tomorrow to see what’s his recommendation.

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  1. People should not underestimate the power of the H1N1 virus. It may be lying “dormant” this flu season, but it is still a force to be reckoned with. Please go and get your H1N1 flu shots before it is too late.

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