Java Plugin on Red Hat Enterprise 5.5

I wonder if there’s any motives for Oracle to make it difficult for things to work with other vendors. I was installing Java on a new Red Hat Enterprise machine today. Certain apps required Java Webstart. So, as usual I downloaded the JRE from http://www.java.com. Ran the .bin file which in turn ran the RPM to install the java files. Then I did a symbolic link from /usr/java/jdk1.6.0_22/jre/lib/amd64/libjavaplugin_jni.so to ~/.mozilla/plugins/. Sounds right so far?

Well, I thought I was right. Restarted Firefox and nope, Firefox didn’t register the plugin. I went back to java.com and searched for the documentation. There’s no clear instructions there on the installation of the plugin. There I was, stuck. No choice, gotta fall back onto Google. Unfortunately, I wasted quite abit of time searching on the wrong keywords, libjava firefox plugin, because I wanted specific results.

Eventually, I broadened the search, for java firefox plugin and found the link below.


It’s hidden somewhere on Oracle’s website! The new java plugin file is libnpjp2.so. So the usual drill, symlink this file to ~/.mozilla/plugins and Firefox finally registered the plugin.

I tried this search on Google, site:www.java.com libnpjp2.so. and there’s zero results returned. It’s intriguing why Oracle didn’t document this part properly. I guess things get lost along the line when the company grows too big. It’s irritating when I have to waste time searching for this kind of information which was supposed be at my finger tips.

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