Problem with pam_radius on Solaris 10

I was implementing pam_radius login for some Solaris 10 servers today and I got this error.

Aug 10 20:41:57 server1 sshd[17846]: [ID 801593 auth.debug] pam_radius_auth: DEBUG: getservbyname(radius, udp) returned 0.
Aug 10 20:41:57 server1 sshd[17846]: [ID 801593 auth.error] pam_radius_auth: Failed looking up IP address for RADIUS server radius2

Weird error. Googled and found all kinds on weird solutions including hacking the source code and stuff.
I took a quick look at the source code and realised something – my server had no knowledge of the radius and radacct ports. And it’s actually in the debug message: getservbyname failed. I was mislead by the “Failed looking up IP address for RADIUS server” error message.

Added the following to /etc/services:

radius  1812/udp
radacct 1813/udp

And voila! Simple as that.

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4 Replies to “Problem with pam_radius on Solaris 10”

  1. Thanks for this post! I was having the same prob and could not figure it out. Who would have thought a service needs to be in /etc/services to do resolution!


  2. Hey Yibi,

    Thanks a lot for creating this helpful info. I didn’t find this information on the vendor’s site also, looks like they never tested it on latest solaris 10 ;D

    Thanks again.

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