Getting The Wii Motion Plus? Hold Your Horses!

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Original article is at Engadget.com

Alright! Hold your horses if you have not bought your Wii Motion Plus. Even if you have already bought your’s, no problem. You can still get the Nyko Wand+

This product was exhibited at the CES 2010. What they have done is to build in the Wii Motion Plus into the WiiMote-size Nyko Wand+, so you won’t have to attach that addition piece of hardware to your WiiMote making it look quite awkward. With the Nunchuk it looks even messier. So this is cool. No additional attachment, no worries of breaking the contacts between the WiiMote and the Motion Plus.

This is a “must buy” item for me when it’s available in March.

But something puzzling me though. Why didn’t Nintendo think of it?

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