Office Politics 101 – It’s Not the Size of Your Office Politics Tool.

This is dedicated to my ex colleagues who started “walking on sunshine”. I hope they are feeling the warmth of the bright sunshine and not the heat. :P

It’s Not the Size of Your Office Politics Tool…

I like this one in particular:

“Play Dumb and Busy to Keep Out of Toxic Conversations. Find ways to neutrally bow out of gossip conversations.

  • Coworker: “Did you notice Mary-Sue has been sucking up to the Boss-man lately? It’s sickening!”
  • You: “I haven’t really noticed – I’ve been so buried in my projects lately! In fact, (look at watch) I just realized I promised a client I would call him right now. Gotta run.”

This way you are not taking sides. You’re the positive hard working team member. And most people will respect you for that, and hopefully more than a few will follow your lead. Don’t worry about people who don’t. You’re focused on the stars while they’re down in the mud. Just keep moving forward. “

In our local terms, don’t be too kay poh and 三八!

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