FTTH is here! Check your postal code now!

opennet signup.pngHas anyone checked the coverage check at OpenNet’s website lately? A friend of mine checked his postal code and was presented with the sign up page, presumably for the installation of the fibre into his home.

This means that his estate is probably one of the first to get access to the Next Generation Broadband Network when commercial operations starts next year in Q1. I’m looking forward to see more services leveraging on this potentially high speed network.

One of the items on my personal wish list is to see storage players providing high speed secured backup and data access. Coupled with the availability of wireless network (3G, [email protected]), I will be able to access a single copy of my data over my many devices, instead of having to transfer to them to each machine physically, or accessing them off a remote server. High speed helps, especially when I do WebDAV for editing some of my documents stored on the servers.

But while I’m excited with all the prospects, my estate at Tampines is only getting the fibre in 2011. Anti climax.

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