Why every guy should buy his wife/gf Wii Fit

I think some of you might have seen this title on YouTube before. And also, the video of the girlfriend playing Wii Fit in undies.

Well..today, I tell my story of why I should have bought my wife Wii Fit long ago. No…no..no, she doesn’t wiggle her butts in her undies. It’s better than that.

We got home, she started playing, got carried away, got really tired and goes to bed after shower.

Wow..I don’t need this to happen everyday, just 2 days a week will do. She can’t complain that I sleep with my Macbook anymore. Now she has her Wii Fit…

Author: yibi

YiBi's numb :) YiBi writes about anything. Technology, Gossips, Rubbish YiBi's a half f%#k geek :P

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