Homegrown vegetables @ Sunggei Tenggah

I was at Bukit Batok on Friday morning, so I thought I dropped by the vegetable farm at Sunggei Tenggah. I’m not sure if this place is well known, but I have been there several times. The scale of the farm is pretty big and their vegetables are fresh and tasty. Prices are slightly higher than the Malaysian imports in the market, but if you have seen and tasted the vegetable for yourself, you would agree that it’s value for money. I came back home with a a kilogram each of a few vegetables.

The farm is also open for visits, where you can view their vegetable plots. It’s education for children and adult alike. I believe a big bunch of the population under 35 have not lived in kampung before. This is perhaps the next best thing to kampung experience.

This is the name and location of the farm.

Koh Fah Technology Farm Pte Ltd
18 Sungei Tengah Road

Koh Fah Technology Farms Pte Ltd [mapearth=show;width=468;height=468]

Pictures taken on the farm.

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  1. I was doing my NS in Tengah. Back then, they were even growing vegetables next to Tengah Market (which has already been demolished long ago, to make way for ALB and others).

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