A walk through Pasir Ris Boardwalk – Parental Advise Needed

11042009584.jpgIt was meant to be walk through the boardwalk at Pasir Ris this evening. As you can see, NParks has constructed pathway into the mangrove swamp. NPark’s intention was for the public to see the myriad of inhabitants in the swamp area.

And yes, I did see alot of crabs, goby and birds. I also managed to snap quite a few pictures. But I had another discovery. At every corner when there’s a pavilion, there’s always a couple chit chatting.

I’m pretty sure they were chatting, at least when I got closer, they appeared to be doing so.


And there’s also this tower for bird viewing. And no surprises, there were 2 more couples up there, and yes…chatting. This is a fabulous place for studying the birds, and probably the bees too? I do hope they don’t get mosquito bites at obscure spots though.

So parents who bring their kids to the boardwalk, parental guidance is strongly advised on educating the children on the eco system and primate behaviours.

Anyway I will be posting photos of the walk another day. The walk was not anticipated so I only managed to snap pictures with my N95. The shots were not ideal for showing here.

I’ll be back!

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