Why run Linux on Mac?

Saw this advertisement for Mac in the Straits Times today. I wonder why they want to market the Mac as a machine that runs Linux.

I’m both a Mac and Linux user. (Long time Linux user and 1 yr old Mac convert). And in my opinion, I won’t want to buy a Macbook and run Linux. I bought Mac because of OS X. OS X is Unix based and has the GNU tools that I need for work and stuff. In a certain way using OS X is equivalent to using any of the *nix operating system. The sweet spot is Apple has a wonderful interface over BSD. It replaces 90% or more of the tools that I’m using on Linux, so why would I be interested in running Linux on a Mac? I don’t need to pay a premium to run Linux. I’m still running my Linux, but on my 800 bucks Acer laptop. It works.

Mac Advertisement.png

Author: yibi

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