Nokia N79 Active with Polar Heart Rate Monitor

As part of my effort to improve my physical fitness (and appearance), I have been getting into more activities. I’m jogging more regularly and bought a new mountain bike. And being a geek, naturally I would want to visualise the efforts in a geeky manner. So now I’m plotting my routes and paths with Nokia N95. Problem is, carrying my N95 while jogging is not that ideal. It’s relatively too thick and heavy. But I guess I found my solution.

Nokia is pairing up with Polar to provide a package which includes the Polar Heart Rate Monitor. The heart rate monitor will feed data to the N79 via Bluetooth and all the information gets recorded into the Nokia Sports Tracker software on the phone. This is cool, and really what I have been planning to do.

Watch this advertisement for the N79 Active. I do find it abit too cheesy at the ending though, too geeky..hehe..

Nokia N79 Active Advertisement

There’s only 1 problem now. Where can I get this from in Singapore?

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