Update 1 : N95+Shozu

Today I put Shozu to some serious use. I went around taking pictures for some work. And then I ran into 1 big problem. My battery went low in less than 1 hour. I specifically disable the sending of pictures immediately after capture, to prevent the data connection from consuming the battery, but I forgot about the AGPS. AGPS requires data connection for a quick GPS fix, which is crucial for the N95 because without the AGPS, it takes forever to get a fix. I used GPS primary for driving, so power’s not a problem, it’s always plugged in for charging.

I guess I need to use my Bluetooth GPS (Holux M1000) next time, but it’s a dread to bring another device, especially when I’m on foot and cycling. Guess this is a problem. Perhaps it’s time to change my phone. :P Any other phones out there with better GPS? :)

Author: yibi

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