New Hobby. Cycling!

I have taken up cycling as a new hobby this year. Losing weight is one of the reasons why I decided on cycling. :)

This is the mountain bike I bought for this new hobby. It’s a Jamis Trail X3.

Jamis Trail X3 2009

I bought it at $512, which is quite a steal. The original price is $569. It comes with front and back disc brakes. I thought this would be useful. Even my car doesn’t have disc brakes for the back wheels :). There’s front suspension, which makes the ride less bumpy. Overall I’m happy with this buy.

A couple things I would like to do when I cycle, just for fun.

1. I’m going to take photos as I cycle. And do some geotagging thing

2. After which I will map out my trail on Google Map.

3. I will explore taking video for the whole trail as well, then have my own version of Google Streetview :)

I hope to start soon, as soon as I figure out how to do the geotagging part with my existing GPS and camera.

Anyone keen to join me?

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